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March 11, 2019
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“New Joint New Life”

Whenever I used to operate my patients for Total Knee Replacement, in a good number of those patients I would find that only one part of the knee joint was affected. These patients only had arthritis on the inner part (medial compartmental osteoarthritis) of the knee joint and all their ligaments were intact. The mind would wander towards a solution which would replace only the affected arthritic portion of the joint. Partial knee replacement achieves exactly the same goal by replacing only the diseased part of the joint and sparing the healthy part.

Around 30 – 40% of patients suffering from knee joint pain due to arthritis fall in this category. When a patient undergoes a partial knee replacement surgery all of his ligaments are left intact, this enables the patient to do all the day to day activities like a normal person. The patient states that his knee feels natural and works normal. The patient is able to sit cross legged and in squatting position after the surgery without any difficulty.

One of the reasons why patients would not opt for Total Joint Replacement surgery was inability to perform their routine activities like performing Pooja reading Namaz, eating food while sitting on the floor, climbing stairs, using Indian style toilets and household cleaning activities etc. Partial knee replacement allows you to do all the above activities as it does not disturb the normal anatomy of the knee joint.

Partial knee replacement surgery is a minimally invasive knee joint replacement surgery. It involves a smaller incision (less than half of total knee) which is also muscle & ligament sparing. The damaged cartilage of the affected part of the joint is removed with specially designed microplasty instruments. The damaged part is replaced by metallic components to restore the congruity of the joint. The patient is able to walk within few hours after the surgery and is ready to go home the very next day walking without any support.

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery has shown outstanding results and tremendous changes in the lives of patients with enhanced confident outlook. I would recommend the readers for a proper consultation and diagnosis of your knee arthritis problem.
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