We utilize the most Advanced & Minimally Invasive techniques to Restore Life Mobility

This website is an effort by Dr Dr Divyanshu S. N. Goyal & Team to guide you in your understanding of Bone and Joints Problem, Minimally Invasive Treatment & Joint Replacement Surgery

Arthroscopy & Joint
Replacement Surgeon

Dr Divyanshu S. N. Goyal

Dr Divyanshu S. N. Goyal is a specialist knee, hip and shoulder Orthopaedic Surgeon. Common surgical treatments such as ACL reconstruction after sporting injuries, shoulder reconstruction after dislocations, knee and shoulder arthroscopies and joint replacement surgery are the cornerstone of Dr Goyal’s practice.

His priority is the prompt diagnosis, treatment and management of all knee, Hip and shoulder complaints. He achieves this goal by working closely with all referring GPs, physiotherapists and other physicians.

Dr Goyal mission is to provide his patients with The Best and Most Up-To-Date Orthopaedic Care! Each person has their own individual wants and needs and at Global SNG Hospital your top priorities are very important to us.

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