Orthopedic surgeon in Indore


It is very common to injure the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), which are the tissues that hold your knee together and help it move in different directions. If you tear a ligament or multiple ligaments in your knee, you will likely need surgery to repair the damage.

We offer a range of options to repair and rebuild the ligaments, including:

  • Autograft – Your sports medicine surgeon takes healthy muscle and tissue from other areas of your body and uses them to repair or reconstruct your torn ligament.
  • Allograft – Your sports medicine surgeon transplants healthy tissue taken from a muscle tissue bank into your torn ligament.
  • Revision – We repair failed ACL/PCL reconstruction procedures performed at other institutions. We perform more than 50 revisions each year.

After ACL/PCL reconstruction surgery, you will likely need several weeks to recover. We recommend a combination of bracing, rehabilitation, and physical therapy so you can regain your strength and range of motion. Before your procedure, your doctor will discuss the details of your recovery with you.